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2015 - 2020

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Investing in young people
for a new vision of the future

Universities are the intellectual centers where modern societies build their futures. Pursuing fair, sustainable and practical solutions to the challenges facing today's society is OUR GOAL.

Investing in talented young people-regardless of their background-as well as in research and human capital in general as a stimulus for economic growth, social mobility and equitable development is OUR COMMITMENT.

We cannot undertake the effort alone. Involving you in this project, sharing our ambitions and having you at our side is OUR VISION.

In support of the University's 2016-2020 Strategic Plan, we ask you to support our Campaign to raise €120 million by 2020. Together, this vision is WITHIN OUR REACH.

Our priorities, your opportunity

We aim to fuel an engine of change and development for Italy and Europe.
To this end, we have three strategic priorities: our Faculty, our students, and the community and environment in which we live.

Priority 1:
Faculty and Research
Advance knowledge
for a better society.
Priority 2:
Drive social mobility
through education.
Priority 3:
University and Campus
Enhance campus and
academic life at Bocconi.

What we have accomplished together

Bocconi was born thanks to a visionary endowment gift and philanthropic donations have built it over time. Between 2007 and August 2017, we have raised approximately €86.5 million in private gifts and pledges in support of Faculty and research, students and the campus.  

28% Students.x
The funds raised support
students, including:
319 Partial Scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students
270 BMA Graduate
49 "Una Scelta Possibile" Program Scholarships
395 Masters, MBA, PhD Scholarships
11 Scholarships for Internation Programs
45 Additional Scholarships

12% University and Campus.x
The funds raised support
the University and Campus, including:
Named Rooms in Residence Halls
Named Campus spaces
  Gifts of Art
  Partners for Development Program

60% Faculty and Research.x
The funds raised support
Faculty and Research, including:
18 Named academic positions
10 Research Centers
3 Named Course


Join us

To realize this goal of raising €120 million by 2020, we need your help. In making a gift to Bocconi, everyone has the chance to support the processes that drive innovation and economic growth, and create a more open and sustainable society through young people.

Tax advantages
As a not-for-profit institution, we can receive tax-deductible donations at all levels and guarantee transparent management of all gifts.
Alumni and Individuals

You and us

The Within Our Reach Campaign aims to involve all those who believe in our plans and share our ambition to invest in the University by supporting scholarships, academic posts, research programs, technology, classrooms and new spaces on campus.

It is a pact between generations in support of young people: those who come before must encourage and support those who follow.

This is the essence of our vision.
This is what brings it within our reach.


  • voi e noi. Storia Alessio Cozzolino
    Alessio Cozzolino.
    Telecom Italia PhD Student
  • Diego De Giorgi
    Diego De Giorgi
    Business Administration, 1992
  • voi e noi. Storia Eliana La Ferrara
    Eliana La Ferrara
    Romeo ed Enrica Invernizzi Foundation Chair in Development Economics
  • voi e noi. Storia Carlo Messina
    Carlo Messina
    Managing Director and CEO, Intesa Sanpaolo
  • voi e noi. Storia Elena Repetto
    Elena Repetto
    Business Administration, 2001

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